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Failas: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.zip ... UPDATED

  • India to Juliet Identical Grandson: Modern Warfare's Captain Price looks just like Captain Price in Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2, right down to the righteous mustache.

  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: Recruit, Regular, Hardened, and Veteran. Modern Warfare 2 suggests these translate to "Very Easy," "Easy," "Normal," and "Hard," respectively, due to the exclusion of "Recruit" from the difficulty list in Spec Ops.

  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Soap suffers from this courtesy of General Shepherd at the end of 2. Fortunately you return the favor with the same knife by pulling it out and throwing it at his face.

  • Yuri gets impaled upon an iron bar during the climatic final assault on Makarov's hotel during 3.

  • Implacable Man: In multiplayer, anyone who knows how to properly use the riot shield. Quickly becomes the bane of the other team in Headquarters Pro matches, as the headquarters may only be captured or destroyed if no opposing players are within range.

  • The last level of Modern Warfare 3 starts with Price (whom you play as) and Yuri putting on a juggernaut suit and picking up a machine gun. Then they kick the door of the van open and jump out in front of the hotel where Makarov is holed up. The guards in their fine suits don't stand a chance.

  • Improperly Placed Firearms: Military usage of the Desert Eagle (only Polish and Portuguese special forces use it in any official capacity), the RPD and AK-47 are still in service despite being outdated and long since replaced by modern models in real lifenote It should be noted that, while all games call them AK-47s, only the original version of the first game actually uses the AK-47. The AK-47 in the remastered version of the first game is actually an AKM, while 2, 3, and the remastered version of 2 use bizarre amalgamations of various AKs, including the 47, the AKM, the 74, some Romanian and Yugoslavian models, and even the Saiga 12 shotgun, which makes it closer to an actual Russian shotgun than any of the actual shotguns the Russians are shown using, the Russians use NATO-calibre bullpup assault rifles like the FAMAS and the Tavor, them managing to combine 1 and 2 by having the Russians use a phased-out, NATO-calibre battle rifle like the FAL, the Russian military using shotguns at all (only the Ministry of Internal Affairs - aka the police - use shotguns), all the RPG-7s are portrayed as only having the original iron sights (almost every RPG-7 currently in use by the Russian military has some form of telescopic sight added on, and has for a while), as well as having Russian paratroopers use the normal RPG-7 instead of the RPG-7D3 variant made for them, and African militias wielding the Peruvian FAD. They also have the SAS using M4s and USPs, which no branch of the British military have ever used. The series loves this as much as Soap loves Plan B.

  • Inconvenient Parachute Deployment: In the final act of the original Modern Warfare, when the joint UK/US task force parachutes onto the Russian missile silo, the US Marine Griggs deploys his parachute too early, getting blown off course by the wind and captured by the silo defenders. The first objective is thus to rescue him.

  • In Medias Res: The series as a whole begins in the midst of a Russian civil war in 2011. We are never given any explanation as to the causes of this situation, but needless to say, it serves as a catalyst for everything else that happens. Each of the later games similarly begins in the middle of one ongoing war or another, with the context of what's going on getting explained as you go along.

  • Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence: A series staple since the first game is that a closed door might as well be a steel bank vault covered in barbed wire and tigers if your superiors aren't around to open it. Justified in that doors are incredibly complicated machines that require years of specialist training to operate.

  • Instant Death Bullet: Subverted; sometimes in campaign, if shot once in the leg, enemies will crawl around or draw their guns when downed. With the Last Stand perk, you will receive a chance for payback after taking fatal damage by drawing their sidearm while downed. With the Final Stand deathstreak, your character will draw their primary weapon, and if they manage to survive long enough, will be able to pick themselves up and return to the fight.

  • Watching two players with Last Stand incap each other at the same time, and then begin wildly trying to finish the other off with their sidearms first is awesome. Hilarity ensues if one of them has Final Stand, wins, then gets up in time to kill the loser when he comes back for revenge.

  • Mostly averted in Modern Warfare 1, enemies can survive multiple shots to the chest. The knife and shotguns can kill in one shot, though (assuming you're within range to hit with them). Played straight at the end, when Soap kills Zakhaev and his two men with one shot each, no matter where the player actually hits them.

  • Horrifically averted with Roach. He's clipped by a mortar, and then shot point-blank in the chest with a Hand Cannon. He's still alive when Shepherd sets him on fire.

  • Also notably averted with Yuri, who has the distinction of being the only person in the campaign to not only survive being shot at point-blank range with a Desert Eagle and live, but he even has the strength to stumble around for a while before blacking out trying to stop Makarov's massacre at the airport.

  • Instant-Win Condition: Get a 25 killstreak in multiplayer? Congratulations, your team wins, no matter how much you were losing (though to even get 25 kills in a row either your team was winning anyway or it's because of an immense fluke).

  • Interface Screw: Dropping a M.O.A.B. in multiplayer results in a few seconds of slow-mo for everyone before the enemies of the player who called the bomb die. Should the game switch hosts while this happens, the countdown before resuming is slowed down as well, leading to a three-second timer that takes fifteen.

  • EMPs do this in-universe by disabling all electronics (and all electronic weapon-guiding interfaces) and even causes static to appear on devices that are minimally electronic (like Thermal Scopes).

  • Invaded States of America: Russia invades the United States as revenge for what they thought was a terrorist attack on their soil sponsored by the United States.

  • Invulnerable Civilians: Averted. The level "The Coup" in Modern Warfare 1 shows civilians fleeing from and subsequently being gunned down by Al-Asad's soldiers.

  • Part of "Takedown" in Modern Warfare 2 has civilians fleeing the battle between your unit and Rojas's militia, and said civilians will be killed if they're caught in the crossfire. Killing too many yourself is a Non Standard Game Over; in "O Cristo Redentor" (a Special Ops mission using this map) each difficulty has a certain number of acceptable civilian casualties.

  • Averted in "No Russian," where killing civilians, or at least allowing it to happen, is part of the entire point of the mission.

  • The Paris missions also show lots of dead civilians from the gas attacks.

  • Irony: In Modern Warfare 3 it's shown that Makarov detonated the nuclear bomb that killed the 30,000 US troops in the Middle East. The deaths of the 30,000 US troops and the lack of response from the world at their deaths led to Shepherd planning to start a war and make himself a hero, causing him to ally with Makarov, the very man responsible for killing his 30,000 men in the first place.

  • Also ironically, Imran Zakhaev and Vladimir Makarov fight to establish an Ultranationalist Russia through terrorist acts, which succeeds upon the death of Zakhaev. Once in power, the Ultranationalists then eject Makarov from their ranks for being too radical while failing to realize that he simply shares the same vision of Russia that their idol, Zakhaev, did.

  • Ironic Echo: "Since when does Shepherd care about danger close..." For added kick, the same music is played both times the quote is uttered. The second game also gives us "History is written by the victors."

  • Ironic Name: The first name of the terrorist you spend most of the series fighting (Vladimir Makarov) means "ruler of peace".

  • It's Personal: The death of Soap in 3 finally brings the conflict with Makarov home for Price. As for Yuri, his desire to end Makarov started back in "No Russian".

  • It's Up to You: Many, many examples. Let's just say that unless the player moves their ass and gets across the room, the enemies will usually keep spawning at the far end indefinitely. Though, to be fair the NPCs, especially the unkillable ones, sometimes act useful to the plot, too. Fortunately, in some case, it only looks infinite... particularly if you're just picking a really suboptimal approach to the objective. The first game has more justifiable examples in certain spots.

  • There are certain infinite spawns in the first Modern Warfare, but Modern Warfare 2 does away with them: if you kill enough people, they will stop coming in every instance. That being said, there's a lot of places that have a lot of guys attacking from a lot of directions, possibly more than you have ammunition... the Gulag (and its Spec Ops counterpart "Breach and Clear") includes vertical flanking, but at least it's generally in one direction, while the favela missions "Takedown" and "The Hornet's Nest" are all about this.


  • Refreshingly averted on the first mission of Modern Warfare 1: the SAS operatives are so efficient at their job that a new player might actually have difficulty getting to enemies before their AI teammates do their jobs for them. This sets the tone that "We are special forces, we do not screw around" early on, though sadly it doesn't hold throughout the game, let alone the franchise.

  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Shown in Call of Duty 4, where Price is beating the crap out of Al-Asad for info. Though this is the only time in the series the technique doesn't yield information; but Price learns what he needs to know when Zakhaev calls anyway, so he just executes Al-Asad.

  • Done twice in the Rio missions. In "Takedown" you capture Rojas's right-hand man, and MacTavish and Ghost torture him for info. In the next mission, you can see a post-torture Rojas chained to a wall with a power drill, car battery, cigarettes, etc, on a table nearby. Making this doubly creepy is that MacTavish apparently just tortured Rojas in a public street. Much of the creepiness of the latter is undone by the hilarious presence of a plunger next to him, however. They plunged the information out of him!

  • Sandman beats up Volk at the end of Bag and Drag, and he is presumably interrogated after Iron Lady. They following exchange happens in the next mission.

  • Price: Did our man talk? Sandman: They always talk. The Juggernaut: The Juggernauts. They only appear in Spec Ops and as a perk in multiplayer. Until the final level of 3, where you are the Juggernaut.

  • Jump Scare: During "Crew Expendable" if Soap moves too far away from Price while in the first cargo hold, a mook will usually leap out of nowhere, screaming and firing a Desert Eagle. This is practically guaranteed to make any player who encounters it for the first time brown their pants, especially because the mook can kill you in a couple of shots.

  • Justified Tutorial: As per the habit of the parent series, the tutorial is presented as having your character on a shooting range and training course where an instructor gives you a run-down on what are obviously game mechanics, with dialog written to sound like training instruction. The player's performance in the training course prompts the game to suggest a difficulty setting. The obvious fourth wall breaks like explaining aim assist or checking if you know how to switch weapons (tick box: recruit does have arms) do tend to swing these into unintentional hilarity; particularly when it's assumed you'll do something you don't have to, such as "he's spraying bullets all over the place" which can follow a controlled burst with every round on target.

  • Averted in Modern Warfare 3, where there's no separate tutorial level and the first mission shows you hints along the way. They assume that if you're playing the campaign of the third game, you've at least played the second and know what you're doing. In any case, there is a Special Ops mission that is basically the live-fire course from the previous game with a different layout, which could count as a tutorial level.

  • Just for Pun: Achievement names in the series are usually either Shout Outs or terrible puns - sometimes both. Crowning examples include Dancing in the Dark from Call of Duty 4, Soap on a Rope from Modern Warfare 2, and For Whom the Shell Tolls from Modern Warfare 3.

  • Just Plane Wrong: The Mi-24 in all installments is seen armed with both a fixed twin 30mm cannon and a trainable 12.7mm gatling gun; in real-life, those weapons are segregated amongst different Mi-24 variants. Mi-24s are also shown in the vehicle graveyards of Chernobyl, where no such aircraft sit in the real graveyards.

  • In several of the SAS missions, the RAF is shown piloting Blackhawks, despite them having never used them. It is a bit easy to miss, since barring one Russian gunship all friendly helicopter pilots speak with the same American-accented voice (implying the Blackhawk is on loan from the US), but the Blackhawks seen in most of the SAS missions do have "Royal Air Force" markings on them.

  • The version of the AC-130 depicted across the series is universally the AC-130U "Spooky", as indicated by its smallest weapon being a single 25mm GAU-12, however in the loading screen for its first appearance in "Death from Above", the wireframe model is instead the AC-130H "Spectre", with twin 20mm M61 Vulcans being misidentified as a single GAU-12.

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