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Shaft Tekstitykset Suomi

Thats the question you make yourself from time to time. Either you have been using your current golf-set too long, or have jump to another level in your game or they are just so threadbare. Here is some history first!I have played myself now for almost 20 years and my current iron-set is my fourth. The first half-iron-set was Ram Laser x2 irons with Precision 6.5 shafts.

Shaft tekstitykset Suomi

So, what next? I have liked these irons a lot, and it may be, that new Titleist AP 2 (714 series) is also my next iron set. Propably with modification to regular shafts (Project X 5.0 or something else) because the swing speed gets invitably slower when closing to senior age. 041b061a72


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